Opencart eCommerce themes free download and Opencart free extensions

Most of the people are in to eCommerce these days and they usually buy their goods from the internet. And one of the most favorite eCommerce platform is the Opencart and via this post i make a post about Opencart eCommerce themes free download and Opencart free extensions and how to get them

eCommerce themes free download

What i think about Opencart free extensions

First thing is that using Opencart free extensions will be a risk to your eCommerce site. Because free means no one will responsible to the development of that extension and most of the time that opencart extension might be opensource and any one can make changes to the inner functionality. So some one  can take the free opencart extension and change it’s core to get your database details or user details. and re-upload to web to download. Then If you get that free opencart extension and put it your site that will be a big issue about your store security. So we have to think twice before installing Opencart free extensions. If you are planning to put Opencart free extensions I would recommend to get them via opencart official web site. If you have the buying power i would recommend to purchase  good quality extensions from code canyon

What i think about Opencart eCommerce themes free download

Most of the people need to get their eCommerce store to be completed so fast. For this most of them are using themes. Using a theme will be the fastest track to complete an eCommerce web site. But the major thing is these themes are little bit expensive. As per experience most of the users are buying opencart eCommerce themes and customize them with a help of a developer.

Talking about free themes of opencart, this is the place most of the people are getting stuck while developing their eCommerce site. Because if you download a free opencart theme there might be a high risk of functionality problems. As in free extensions there are no responsible person for a free opencart theme. By using such a theme there might be a risk of getting your site hacked. Or breakdown while in running. Many free opencart themes are outdated ones. When you download a free opencart theme from no where in the internet and puts it to your opencart store, without checking it then i would say you will soon end your business.

So if i don’t have money to buy a theme and really want to use a free opencart theme?

If you have no option other than using a free opencart theme i can give you a one option.  You can use a nulled theme or use a premium theme of a outdated version. But I should warn you still you are in the risk zone. If you are searching for nulled premium themes you can get them via or via I had used these sites for many years for Opencart eCommerce themes free download. Still i didn’t got a problem by using these themes.

So i think you might read this before using the keyword of Opencart eCommerce themes free download and Opencart free extensions. and don’t forget to add a comment below.

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