5 Natural drinks to boost your logical power

Software developer is a logical thinker and the main thing in development is logical thinking. So today i will give you 5 natural drinks to boost your logical power. Some of the below drinks were experienced by my self and they were relay good. So if you are a programmer you should definitely read this

Programmers should try these natural drinks to boost your logical power

1) Coffee helps you to gain the brain power.coffee

Programmers loves coffee. In general terms we says that programmers do convert coffee in to the codes and then code in to the money. Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy levels and also it will be a good booster to your brains. I have seen many developers are drinking so much amount of coffee as it a natural drinks to boost your logical power, but i think  too much is not good as it will lead many people to Haemorrhoids or commonly known as piles. My recommendation is 4 Cups is enough for a day. And you can get it more effective by adding one or 2 lime drops to your coffee. Try it and you will feel the difference.

2) Centella juice will make your brain a super computer


Drinking cenrella juice is very healthy thing. As my wife’s (She is a Ayurvedic Doctor) advice i used to drink cenella juice as a memory booster and it will gain your your logical power. You can get some leaves and blender it to and squeeze its juice and drink it with a C vitamin. Trust me this will double up your memory capacity. And remember you should not dink this at night or in a colder environment as cenrella can easily make your nose sick. You can get this drink once a day in the morning time. Remember that cenrella juice is one of best drinks to boost your logical power and brain abilities.

3) Ceylon Black Tea


One of a greatest hot drink that you should try and it will keep you brain fresh for a long time. Drinking tea also make your body fresh and give you the power to program more and more codes. You should know that ceylon black tea is with the grade of (BOPF) “Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings”. The thing is there are no known side effects of drinking ceylon black tea. And if you don’t use much sugar for your tea that no matter of drinking 10 cups of tea per day. Normally i drink 8 cups per day and it will give me a supernatural energy to do the programming for more than 14 Hours. If you need some good quality ceylon black tea packs comment below or send me a mail. I can ship them to you.

4) Pure Ghee


As per Ayurveda gee is effective logic booster to the brain. As per old remedies and books i found that most of the old brain people in India used Ghee as a memory booster and they used it to cook their foods too. So if you can use ghee for you foods and drinks then i hope you will find a way to gain your logical power and boost your brain.

5) Bee honey is a good natural drinks to boost your logical power


Bee honey is great memory booster and also it will improve  your thinking power. If you want to become a great logical programmer you should try this one. You have to get about 5ml of bee honey and little bit of gee and mix it and drink it. If you can do this once a week you will see the power of your brain and the change of the thinking pattern. And Please DO NOT TAKE high dose or every day. If you do so you will probably get ill. So do it with care.

So you can try these 5 natural drinks to boost your logical power. You will also love to lead my post about methods to be relax for a programmer and finally give me a comment below that if you found some thing good.

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