How to download webp format image

These days you may found that most of the images are in webp format.Even in google images you may find the some of the images are in webp format and downloading those images are not allowed or not readable. So in this post i am doing to teach you how to download webp format image that can be open as a png or jpeg.

Before we are going to download webp format image,We should know what is webp

WebP is an modern image format which can handle both lossy and lossless compression. It is currently developed by Google.Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster. If you want know more about the webp format and how it works this is you should go to a better plase like this

Now How to Download webp Format Image

Ok now back to the trick and i teach you how to download webp format image in png format i have to get a sample image with a sample site. So i will take This Site

What you need?

First Step

Once if you have this lets do the job.
First load the image or web site that you want to download in chrome and press F12 for web console.
After you got the console, select inspect icon in the left side You can see it via the first arraow in the below image. Then Move mouse over to the webp format image and click. By doing this you can see the relevant code segment of the image.

how to download webp format image
how to download webp format image

Then you have to copy that url by double clicking it.Then paste it in a different tab with the domian or http or https.
in my case its as below,width=800,height=800,appearanceId=231,backgroundColor=E8E8E8,version=1497265829/programmers-know-stuff-t-shirts-men-s-fine-jersey-t-shirt.jpg

And after try saving as by right clicking the image and do “Save image as”. Your image should download.

If you are lucky some times your download image will work. But in most cases it will give the

“Error interpreting JPEG image file”

error which says that the file format is not supported.
In this case you have to get the help of awesome screen shot plugin in chrome.

Second Step

Then Click in awesome screen shot top icon and select capture entire page as shown in the below image.

capture with-awsome-screenshot
capture with-awsome-screenshot

Finally You can save your image in any format and it is with the size of the original image. This is the

easiest way of how to download webp format image

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