Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions

As you all know Google IO 2018 is coming and they were decided to held google IO 2018 developer conference will take place from May 8th to May 10th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. As usually google IO team revealed this date through an online puzzle. Most of the developers are talking about the Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions which will be the latest products and technologies that will expose to the event. I will talk about 5 Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions and the possibilities of them via this post.

Please Note that these Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions are decided from the researches which are conducted by the google brain team.

1) Android Version 9.0

As written in above google used a puzzle to reveal there date via Google maps. By solving this puzzle via working through rooms in Google Maps to discover clues and it will reveal the date and location of Google IO 2018. This clues included a pineapple cake in one room and it should be a suitable clue or hint for the Android P or Android Version 9.0. Most probably New android version will be named as Pineapple cake. So lets expect to hear about the next version of Android this year.

Google I/O 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions

2) Google Assistant Extend

Google Assistant was introduced in last year. Most probably in this year we can expect a more intelligent and extend version of Google Assistant. As google CEO Sundar Pichai s more focus is for neural networks and artificial intelligence. This year google I/O will focus more in AI technologies like google Assistant.

Google I/O 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions

3) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources With Google BIG QUERY

As googles recent researchers shows google is going to tie up with medical industry to process complex medical data with electronic health records. They will introduce a protocol to make healthcare data substantially easier to manage than “legacy” data structures. That enabling large-scale machine-learning independent of vendors. Also they believe the introduction of protocol buffers can help both application developers and vendors. This feature will be soon available after the Google I/O 2018.

Google I/O 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions

4) You Tube New Features(Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation)

The next one from Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions is extended youtube.
In recent research google had discovered a advance technology to create Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation. This operation has traditionally been performed as a time-consuming manual process like using a studio environment with a green screen. By this technology users can record their videos in real-time. At the same time they can upload them directly to the YouTube. There will no need to do advance editing with this new features.

Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation

Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation

5)New Augmented Reality (AR) mode in Motion Stills for Android

In this Google IO there will be a high chance of introducing there newest research which is on Augmented Reality. Last year google has launched Motion Stills on Android. Which delivered a great video capture and viewing experience on a wide range of Android phones. And now they have achieved the it with motion.

With the new AR mode, a user can simply touches the viewfinder to place fun or virtual 3D objects on static or moving horizontal surfaces. For example it can be a table floors or a hand. This allowing them to seamlessly interact with a dynamic real-world environment. Users can also record and share the clips as GIFs and videos. So this will be a fun part and a good step for the gaming industry.

Independent translation (from visual signal only as shown by red box) and rotation tracking (from gyro; not shown)
Augmented chicken family with Motion Stills AR mode
Motion Stills with instant motion tracking in action

So if you find any interesting thing in Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions post please give me a comment.

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20 Replies to “Google IO 2018 Sneak Peaks and Predictions”

  1. This was a pretty interesting read. I wonder how much better and differential Google’s healthcare integration be from Apple. In general, I think there is so much ahead of us due to the machine learning capabilities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Neat! The augmented reality was especially interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by AR. I’ll be interested to see what they unveil!

  3. I will be looking forward to the mobile real time video segmentation being available. That will be cool to record videos in real-time and uploading without advanced editing to YT for us that do vlogging.

  4. I am not very tech savvy but always think a new change is neat. Of course updating the medical capabilities is definitely a good idea and very needed.

  5. These are really interesting predictions, especially the augmented reality one! The real time video segmentation will be very useful for vloggers, lets hope that it will be announced as well.

  6. I am excited for these new developments from Google! I want to learn from these and maybe incorporate to my blogs.

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