Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer

Methods to be Relax for a Programmer

By the nature a programmer is a busy and stressful person with his or her work. As you all know programming is a thinking job that will add a huge weight to your brains. So i will teach you these Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer that will reduce your stress level and rest your brain.

Why programmers should get a break to their brain?

Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer

There about Approximately 86 billion neurons in the human brain. For logical thinking it will issue  cerebral cortex which will contains the most of neurons in the brain and also it is the point to control all the higher functions in a body. For programmers the most using part of the brain is cerebral cortex.

So the brain is also like a machine. If you are only using a one part over and over in a machine that most using part might get degenerate quickly. The principle apply to your brain and if you using a same part over and over so rapidly your neurons also are getting degenerate by the time.  Some time we call this as stress.

What should you do to be relax and avoid from this stress?

1) Be close to the nature

Nature is the best treatment for the mind and take mush more time to be with nature.This might be a simple thing but that will make your brain to be relax from logic. Be close to nature might be a very small thing such as simple as smelling a flower. And also you can go for a hike in  a jungle. Remember the green is the color to reset your brain !

Programmers can do Bonsai to be relax

Bonsai is a Japanese technique to miniature plants. And as per my experience doing bonsai will set a programmer more close to the nature and it have a impact on mind. Bonsai is like a mediation you have to be patience and also you have to little bit artistic to make your bonsai trees more beautiful. If you are in a concrete jungle i would recommend doing bonsai is a Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer.

Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer


2) Be with your Pets

Most of the programmers do not have pets. But my recommendation is if you do programming you should have pet with you. Pet means what ever living creature to look after It might be a Dog, a Cat, A Fish, A money or what ever animal. But be aware about harmful creatures. The point is make your mind out of the computes. Even for a small time you have to thing about your pet. instead of thing logic over and over you can think you your pet. be with your pet. And i am pretty sure that this method will cure your programming stress and reset your brain to normal

Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer

3) Be social and Be with your Friends

For programmer the lacking thing is the social relationships. Most of the programmers keep their laptop as their girlfriend or their best friend. This should not be happen. Some could say i am not doing programming every time but i am watching movies and playing games. This is  very bad habit to overlain your brain functions and increase your stress level. You might think by playing a game or by watching a movie it will make you relax ,but still it will increase your logical thinking.

So get out of your computer or laptop and go out with your friends. Do party and get a beer and dance and sing. Do some happy things. And by this you can get your stress level down.


So if you this Best Effective Methods to be Relax for a Programmer and you can surely get your mind relax. I have experience with my own. And if you satisfy with this post please give me a comment below.

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  1. being social is one of the most important parts of life in general. socialization is so healthy and truly helps with boosting our moods! i know when i dont see people for awhile, i get depressed! it’s weird but true!

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