5 Things to get more sales in opencart

Opencart is a word famous e-commerce platform written in php and licences under gpl. From this post I’m going to talk about 5 things to get more sales in opencart. Get more sales in opencart is not much easy but ,I’m pretty sure that as of my experiences if you can manage this 5 things to get more sales in opencart your sales are going to be double.

Easily do this 5 Things to get more sales in opencart and This will double your earnings

1) Error Free Opencart Platform

The Most important thing is maintaining an error free platform for users. No matter what you are selling in Opencart you should definitely do a proper testing in each and every corner in the website. Most of the store owners ignore the testing part and they allowed customers to do the testing and it will be a very bad thing for you sells. If a customer find any error or any difficulty to buy in the website they will definitely go away from your website. So my advice is to put equal amount of weight for testing and also for development. After this step the site is ready to go then you can open it for the customers.

So be patience do the testing and after do the marketing. This will lead you to make a good customer base and good sales amount from your opencast store. Also eliminate error in currency update in open cart 3.

things to get more sales in opencart

2) SEO Friendly URLs in Opencart

SEO friendly urls will make more traffic to your web store as well as make easy navigation for eCommerce store. SEO Friendly urls will give your customers about the location information in the store. Its like you make name boards in products and and racks in a actual store. So make sure to enable SEO urls in Opencart store. You can also enable sitemap.xml in Opencart and it will let google spiders to index your store properly. If you got an error while creating the sitemap.xml go inside this post and get the solution.

10 things to get more sales in opencart

3) Store Loading Speed

This is a very important fact from 5 things to get more sales in Opencart to get more sales to your opencart store. You eCommerce store should be super speed, because the most customers like to get their products as fast as possible. So they cannot wait long time to see what you are selling to them. So you should make your Opencart store super fast. For this you have check with google site speed test

Once your site can reach about 90% Then your site speed is enough and a important thing is that, google speed test will not show the TTFB or Time to first byte value. This TTFB is the time consuming to load the first byte of your store. This TTFB value should be less than 200ms and you can test it via here

Things to get more sales in opencart

4) Minimum Steps to purchase a products

Your Opencart store should be equipped with a mechanism with minimum steps to buy a product. Customers like to create an order with 2 or 3 clicks. So set a proper way and user friendliness with your store. As an example add one step checkout plugin to made users to enter all the details in one screen and get the products.

Things to get more sales in opencart

4) Powerful and Speed Search

Out of this 5 Things to get more sales in opencart, maintain a powerful and speed search will be a important feature. Your opencart store should contain a easy accessible search function to search products and categories. Your search should show the product name,product image product price and a buy now button.

Im so sure if you have this functionality in your store your customers will never leave you and you will get more and more sales. And also remember to maintain the search speed, as i said because customers do not like to be waited. So use a JavaScript Search function to fulfill this requirement. If you don’t know how to do this and need any help just comment below.

5 Things to get more sales in opencart

5) Maintain a good customer interaction system

This should be the most important requirement to get more sales in your Opencart store. As customers are buying online and if they need to get some information about any product or services or about shipping, they need a quick method to ask it from the store owner. So there should be a chat program to cater this requirement. There are many chat scripts that you can integrate with Opencart. Also once you need more info please add a comment below. Without a chat program, your Opencart store is like a closed shop which will reduce sales in your Opencart store. So remember that this is the most important fact out of 5 Things to get more sales in Opencart.

5 Things to get more sales in opencart

Now you should know how to Get more sales in Opencart. And also i can help you to get more sales in your opencart store. As opencart is a strong eCommerce platform most of the above task can be done by a none tech person.And when need any clarification or u need a free consultation just comment below, So that i can help you.

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