3 BEST Methods To Protect Your Opencart Store From Hackers

Oprncart is a PHP based eCommerce platform and its open source. Which means any one can get the code study or do the changes to its core files. So Opencart might be more exposed to hacker attacks. So From this post i will give you some Methods To Protect You Opencart Store From Hackers.

1 Change Your Opencart Database Prefix

Most of the developers installing opencart with it default prefix which is “oc_” . So any hacker can decide your table structure and give it a Attack. So change your opencart database prefix in first install. If you could not change it in first installation you have to rename all the tables with a new prefix and don’t forget to change the prefix in config file too.. You can use 2 or 3 letter prefix as your will. For example you can use first 2 letters of your store or some other short name. You can  rename table by this mysql query.

RENAME TABLE `oc_address` TO `lk_address`;

2 Change Your Opencart admin directory

In Opencart default installation you can access to the admin section by admin url. For example http://exampleopencart.com/admin. You have to change this to some other access name like http://exampleopencart.com/exadmn. So that no one knows what is your admin access url is. This protect your site from unwanted access to admin panel.

To do this go to your Opencart directory and rename the admin directory and also you have to change the config file admin URL definition.  You have to change ‘admin ‘ to your defined word in every position in both admin config and catalog config files.

3 Keep Correct file and folder permistions

You should keep your Opencart folder and its files in correct permission to protect your Opencart site from hackers. For this You have to set your files to 644 witch is (Write,Read,Read) and Folder permission to 755 witch (Read,Execute,Execute)

You can  change all the directories to 755 be below linux command.

find /your_oc_root -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

You can  change all the files to 644

find /your_oc_root -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

If you can do these Methods To Protect Your Opencart Store From Hackers, Your site will be safe to access to outer world.

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